Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go Rosie!

So we did it.  We had Rosie's G-tube surgery July 21.  She's doing great.  Things have settled to the point where we're finally starting to look around and say, "Okay.  This is nice, Rosie is sort of on cruise control, curb your enthusiasm, but jump for joy."  I so wish I hadn't waited this long to do it.  There were some complications during her first 8-9 months that meant she was getting fed through an NG tube.  Then I convinced myself that I was going to be able to get her to eat the 1150 calories she needs a day to get her off the NGT, thus preventing this G-tube surgery.  It just didn't happen like that.  And believe me, after 2 cardiac surgeries, you don't want ANYONE or ANYTHING to poke or prod your little one any more than is medically necessary.  But, she had it done and she's so much happier now and making so much more progress.  It ultimately was a better decision for Rosemary. It feels a little more normal now.  She seriously looks just like any other baby.

Rosie took her first steps yesterday!  She is officially 13 months and 18 days.  She has been so much more playful and popping with personality since this last procedure.  I feel like everyday is exponential to the last.  Her Early Intervention doctor said that she is developing right around her age level, physically and cognitively.  And for what's she's been through this year and the amount of time she has spent in a hospital bed...she's doing amazingly well!  She couldn't get over how much she has progressed.  Hearing that is like a free gift.  

Life is good.