Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beautiful Purpose

This week has changed my life forever, it's the tip of my new iceberg. As I sit here in the CICU thinking about all that had to be processed from Monday until now, I understand a little more what my life's purpose is and I am eternally grateful.

This last month, Rosie's deteriorating condition forced me to accept that a lot things were out of my control. As a parent of a child who is very sick, the best thing that you can give your child is your love. All I wanted to do was figure out why her heart, lungs and gut weren't working. I wanted answers from the doctors. I wanted the best nursing care possible. I wanted Rosemary to get better so I could just take her home and get her healthy and happy.

As the weeks went on, she got worse. There was a sense of frustration from just about everyone that saw Rosie. We all wanted to help her, but no one could find the right recipe for her recovery.

All I know is that within six days, I went from longing for answers and sobbing at the reality that I just might lose the most precious gift I've ever had to accepting God's will. I simply gave it up to big guy upstairs. One way or the other, He was gonna fix my kid. Either another procedure would present itself, or He would take her home. I finally said, "I can't stand this for her anymore, you need to do something."

Within 48 hours, Rosemary's surgeon offered us something that we didn't think we had, an option. It was the window we had prayed for. Just like a breeze that fills a room with fresh air, yesterday's surgery filled every heart that loves her with a fresh sense of hope and faith.

On Monday, I was given the news that a heart transplant was the most viable option for Rosie. Tonight, 24 hours after her 4th major open heart surgery, she sleeps comfortably, breathing on her own, and looking better today than she did the day before she had her repair. I can't believe it, yet I can.

Rosie is a fighter. She's a miracle of strength. She is proof that having faith in something and accepting life for exactly what it is and where you are will bring the beauty and bounty of love to your life. I must have done something right for this gift to be here with me tonight. I accept her purpose in my life and that my life, for sure, has a beautiful purpose for her.

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Josh, Sandy, Jaclyn, Kinsey, and Caleb said...

Amen! Rosie is truly amazing! Praying for continued and complication free progress! God is good.

Sandy Hughes