Friday, March 16, 2012

Wait To Be The Wiser?

Rosemary's cardiac catheterization went very well on Tuesday. Couldn't have gone any better. There were little to no changes from last year's cath. I was elated with their findings. So when I asked if there was a physiological explanation for her recent episodic O2 desatting issues, the doctor explained that it could have been that she was cold and clamped down a bit, or the pulse ox monitor that was used could have been giving a reading that was off. Not likely, but possible. That being said, I was happy to hear that her numbers looked great. So we're good, right?

The doctor also explained that because Rosemary had failed the Fontan once before, she is at an even higher risk for an already high risk procedure. If we wait until her status changes, pressures increase, sats drop, etc. we will increase the risk that much more. Their recommendation is to reattempt the Fontan while she has an optimum situation.

I can't even explain what this feels like. But I'm going to try.

Rosemary has came close to death several times. Each time, she has turned herself around and fought back to be here. During the last 6 month stay at Children's in DC in 2009 when she was going through Fontan failure, they had taken her completely off of GI nutrition and put her on TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) through a IV/PIC line in her arm for 6 weeks. That was done as a last effort to determine if it was her GI system or her heart that was contributing the chronic pleural effusions. It was her heart. Watching her struggle to breathe, deal with constant pain, having to get new IV's on an almost daily basis, deteriorate daily and fight to maintain anywhere near a good quality of life, took a mental and spiritual strength I didn't know I had. But Rosemary was and is even stronger than I, she was the one going through the physical torture of a failing heart. It was, by far, the most difficult period of our lives.

So having to think about putting her through that again, I think you can understand why I just don't want to do it. I can remember her surgeon saying that some kids can stay at the Hemi-Fontan/Glenn status up to 10 years. What if Rosie is one of those kids? What if I make the decision to do it and I unnecessarily put her through that hell again? What if we face the effusions again, a failing heart, the possibility of accepting she could die...again? What if her little heart and body just can't take it?

Don't get me wrong, she is bigger, stronger, and the will of this child to live (head down, hands in the air)...let's just give that one right to the glory of God. Her heart had a unique anatomical situation where the atrial septum between her right atria and right ventricle was very narrow. It is now wide open, thanks to a little trim during the 4th open heart and the overall natural growth of her heart. So that may work in her favor to allow for a successful Fontan which, in the end, will allow her to grow into adulthood. So I want her to have success this next time around for obvious reasons.

The other side of this is that we wait. But if something does change in her heart that increases the risk, it puts greater odds against her once again. We are seeing the changes in her already within the last year because of growth. More body tissue means more material to perfuse with oxygen, which taxes the heart a little more with weight gain. She's definitely compensating for this, most of these cardiac kids can. But I am so scared to push it beyond a point where she puts herself in danger. As many CHD parents out there know, it's every doctor's best guess at how your child will respond to a procedure. The only way to tell is to do it.

We have some time to think about it. Nothing is pointing at an emergent situation, but we meet with her cardiologist on the 23rd to discuss a plan for a possible Fontan #2 this summer. I am avoiding this like the plague. But I know that eventually, she will need this. She is already significantly out of breath just walking room to room. She still plays, runs, laughs and has an amazing quality of life right now. I just want to keep her healthy and happy and comfortable. Which, again, is why I am reticent to move on this.

I wish a little angel would come down from heaven and tell us what to do. I'll just have to pray and trust that clarity and the wisdom of whether or not to wait will come to us. If there is anyone out there who has experienced anything similar, please contact me ASAP. I just want to gain the most knowledge I can before contemplating any of this.

We'll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.

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