Monday, January 19, 2009

Children Teach Us Well: Hope During Transformation

Today being Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, my entire family sat down in front of CNN and watched the speech 3 times in a row. We want our children to know the significance of what happened in August of 1963 and how it transformed this nation. We face new problems today, but keeping an ear on his message from yesterday is quite valuable. The inauguration of Obama exemplifies the dream of MLK. We can see the work that has been done, but let us not forget the work that we must continue to do in this very trying time for our nation. His message of union was strong and the need for civil service has been reborn through the eyes of two men from two different generations.

People are going to need to begin to answer the call for duty again. We need to support one another from the roots, up. That is where I feel I gained the beginning for my personal call of duty today. Whether it be here in support of other parents with children afflicted by HLHS, or a Girl Scout group that needs a mom to chaperone a cookie sale at the mall, I, too, need to increase my level of service to my neighbors. The people of this great nation are going to need to extend their hands and their hearts more than ever before. I am going to keep trying here on this blog, to help other parents stay connected any way I can. Because sharing the burden is lifting some burden. I am eager to do whatever I can to help.

My oldest daughter, Shea, who is now 10, was inspired today by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man from a different generation. As we watched President Obama and Michelle at a local service day in Washington DC, and witnessed their candor and genuine spirit of hope for this country, we found ourselves profoundly inspired. The enthusiasm that a group of cheerleaders had as they cheered in spirit with the new President, was so moving to me. The excitement was amazing! And I believe that the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, the message from MLK and the spirit of this country are aligning to send President Obama into this presidency with a message of hope, union and a new definition for work.

We all have work to do. Let's start at home with our children, and with ourselves. And extend ourselves, one hand and one heart at a time.

Love and hope can be felt at any age...

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