Sunday, January 18, 2009

Batter up!

As a parent of one of these little babies, I can tell you that it is a tough ride, but where there is love, there is success. Because even the ultimate fate of our children, whether it be to live or to pass, becomes it's own gift of love and wisdom either way, even when it's painful. I never want to experience the painful side of fate, but that's not up to me to decide.  Learning in this life is constant. And love shouldn't fall too far behind. We try to do a lot of both.

I had an exciting moment just a second ago when I realized that we're approaching the phase in Rosie's life where she is beginning to actually start talking and communicating her thoughts. She has been saying more words every day, a sign of true progress for her.

As I recall what it was like when my first two children began to talk, it occurred to me that being an observer of this gradually evolving event is really quite amazing...kind of like a God given perk for being a parent. It also made me realize that we're in the middle of a great opportunity, right now, in how we teach and lead our children. It gave me a motivational booster shot. I find myself re-inspired to do better in just about everything in my life. Educating, mothering, understanding, learning, loving. We, as parents--or anyone else who has influence on children, have a great responsibility as leaders. Children will follow with our examples.

In such a historical time in our nation's history, from this Presidential Inauguration, the recent "Miracle on the Hudson", all the way to raising Rosemary, faith and hope have never been more important to me in my life.

There is something out there in the winds of change that I hope brings America back into the Hands of the Heartland, US! I care about this country, I care about its people. We are all making a difference in each other's lives and I truly hope for President Obama's success.

With great love there is great humility. Here's to hope and faith. Knock it out of the park, Obama!

Miracles do happen...

Send a message of Hope to President Obama...

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