Saturday, January 10, 2009

Write It Down

I just found the journal that I had kept while I was in the hospital when Rosemary was not in her finest hour. It brought me to tears because I could barely remember writing those these down, but stranger than that was how I have forgotten that those feelings were there. It has obviously been a while since I entered the tunnel.

I found my early writings that began listing Rosie's events in chronological order. So as I post here, hopefully on a daily basis, I will also be logging in the events that played out while Rosemary was in the hospital and the last 18 months of her life.

I've decided to create an online diary, if you will, my book, about this experience from the beginning to the present.

Thanks again for stopping in. Here's a little something that just brightened up my day, and made me realize that when I was in the hospital with Rosemary for a month and a half, I never thought I'd get here, I never dreamed of getting here because I couldn't be anywhere else but there. So enjoy.

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