Monday, January 12, 2009

The Corner

We feel like we just turned a corner with Rosemary.  Today was the first day that she kept her mini Feeder Back Pack (FBP) on and walked around by herself...the entire time!  I was so shocked.  Her older sister, Shea, was especially excited because she had just recently gotten to know what it is like to be on BP (Bag Patrol) for an hour.

For the last 18 months, Rosemary has been on either an NG tube or a G tube.  Which means when she needs to eat, every 4 hours, we have to follow her around for an hour and hold her FBP while she strolls about and plays.  Have you ever followed right behind an 18 month old for a solid hour? Three times a day? For 18 months straight? With two other kids?

It's been such a slow and tedious process to try to wean her from the G tube.  She can only consume so much volume of 30 calorie formula within a certain amount of time.  Too much, it won't stay down.  Feed her regular foods that sometimes stimulate her natural gag reflex, she vomits.  She does eat food for taste but she becomes disinterested quickly.  It's been getting better though and she IS making progress.  

She smiles and laughs the majority of the day, which is probably a better indicator for her health than a SAT monitor.  And she has a family who will love her all the days of our lives.

So here's to turning the corner, Rosemary.  Keep truckin'.

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